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10:30AM - 10PM

The best treatment is the one that suits you best.

You deserve special treatments

Everyone has a different body condition and preference for massage pressure. Let us know what you expect and we will adjust our therapy to suit your needs. We customize our massage techniques with relevant essential oils according to your situation each time.


We hope that the guests who come here can enjoy and savor the relaxing time with us. In addition to soothing physical tension and revitalizing skin, you can also learn more about your body through our therapy; most importantly, learn how to take care and truly love yourself.


Doris, who loves massage, has been in this industry for 10 years. She is dedicated to helping people relieve their body discomfort, and also loves to experience different techniques from other therapists. Doris deeply believes that only through the communication before,and the hand feeling during the treatment, can a massage therapist truly understand the condition of the client’s body. A massage therapist needs to unite their hands and heart to conduct an effective and complete massage.



AAOWT International Aromatherapist

Chinese Sports Massage Association Sport Massage Therapist

Canjune Massage Course Certificate

HPA Waxing Certificate



Ting has been engaged in the beauty and body industry since graduation. With more than 20 years of studying skin care, she constantly improves herself by learning new knowledge and trying different skin care products and techniques. She is committed to maintaining a healthy, moisturized, smooth and glowing skin.


Level C technician for beauty

Level B technician for beauty

NAHA International Aromatherapist

EAMT Pregnancy Massage Certificate

FHTSoft Tissue Massage Therapist

Fadro Beauty Embroidering Tattooist



Over 20 years of experience as a massage therapist and waxing specialist.
Holds certificates from international massage schools.
Specializes in Swedish massage and waxing for various body areas.



Specializes in manual extraction of blackheads and meridian massage.With over 10 years of experience in a well-known chain spa, possesses extensive skills in facial treatments.Utilizes direct needle (clamping) for blackhead extraction, minimizing discomfort and reducing skin irritation. Holds beauty certifications at levels B and C.