Opening Hours

10:30AM - 10PM

Q1. Do I need to prepare before massage therapy?

A1. No special preparation is required, but it is not recommended to get a massage on an empty or very full stomach.

Q2. How long does it take for a whole visit?

A2. The duration of the treatments on the menu does not include the consulting and showering time before the treatment, and the tea time after treatment. Expect about 30 additional minutes on top of the treatment time. (Please let us know if you are in a hurry!)

Q3. Can I get a massage during my menstrual period?

A3、Massage will improve the blood circulation. It may increase the blood flow after massage therapy. However, it is not harmful to your body.

Q4. What is the last entry time



A4、9 pm. It is negotiable if discussed in advance.

Q5. Do you accept walk-in customers?

A5. We have limited therapists working on site. Please call us to confirm availability if you want to come at the same day..

Q6. Can I request the therapist I like?

A6、Yes you can!

Please let us know the name of the therapist you would like when you make the reservation.

Q7. Is there a deposit for the reservation?


Q8. How can I pay?

A8、We accept cash, transfer and LINE Pay for now. We are working hard to obtain other payment methods.