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Body Massage

  1. Oriental Massage
  2. Swedish Massage
  3. Special Request
  4. Pregnancy Massage


HydraFacial Treatment|Standard/ Advance/ Ultimate


  1. Exfoliation

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Treatments & Prices

Body Massage

NTD 1600/60 mins

NTD 2300/90 mins

NTD 3000/120 mins

more than 2 hours, NTD 250/ 10 mins.

1. Oriental Massage

Based on traditional Chinese medicine theory, aiming to ease the long-term soreness and discomfort. Unblock the energy pathway (meridians) of the body through the acupoints, bringing harmony into body and soul.
The massage pressure is medium to strong.

2. Swedish Massage

Relax muscles and improve blood circulation. Relieve tension and anxiety. May soften the ligaments and tendons, improve body flexibility.
The massage pressure is soft to medium.

3. Special Request

According to the needs of the guests.Including using props like Gua Sha.

4. Pregnancy Massage

After the first trimester, mothers-to-be are in a more stable situation ready to treat themselves well. Relieve the discomfort during pregnancy through a professional therapist, so that babies and moms will have a good mood.

(**Please make reservation 3 days in advance for pregnancy massage**)


HydraFacial Treatment

Standard|10 steps
clean + HydraFacial + mask + skincare 

NTD 2600/1 hrs 30 mins

Advance|12 steps
clean + HydraFacial + mask + skincare+moisturizing maskhead shoulder massage+ skincare

NTD 3200/2 hrs

Ultimate|14 steps
clean + HydraFacial + mask + skincare+head shoulder massageultrasoundfacial MassageUltimate repairing mask+ skincare

NTD 3800/2 hrs 30 mins


Special Request:According to the needs of the guests like acne skin, sensitive skin...etc. place contact us for more detail.





NTD 1300/50 mins

and more!



1. Polish All COMBO

full body exfoliate + body massage 80 mins + basic facial care (clean+exfoliate+skincare+facial massage+mask)
NTD 4300/3 hrs 30 mins

2. Deep In COMBO

body massage 60 mins + hydrafacial-classic
NTD 3800/2 hrs 30 mins